Causal reasoning with Winnie the Pooh

Winnie the Pooh wants honey, there's no stopping him, and he'll play naive about the threat of bees so long as that justifies more honey for him. In this clip, Pooh claims that one can never know how bees will respond when you steal their honey.

When the bees launch a full-blown attack on Pooh, the possibility of bee aggression becomes a reality, and Pooh finds himself in a battle: "Christopher Robin," he announces, "I have come to a very important decision: These are the wrong sorts of beeeeeees!" Pooh's go-to phrase, "Oh bother," encapsulates his inability to preemptively route around trouble. When Pooh's balloon runs out of air—an outcome he also fails to see in advance—he even says, "I think I'll come down now," only recognizing the disaster once the disaster's in progress. The beauty is that even after the encounter, Pooh quite cheerfully concludes, "You never can tell with bees," returning to his original impression about the unknown.

Pooh's own naivete must strike children and adults alike as reckless, free, and optimistic, and it puts us in a position of greater knowledge as we watch his escapades.